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"I don't like country music... but I like you guys."  I get that a lot.  Just randomly.  I can't really tell you why.  I mean, my crew, they play country.  Me, I SING country.  No question about that.  Sure we go a little outside of the box with it.  We cover the gamut from the old Merle tune that only your grandpappy would know right up to whatever's poppin' on the Top 40 charts and everything in between.  Maybe it's some of our cross-genre stuff that hooks the non-country-lovin' folk.  Stuff like Cameo, Cee Lo, Jay Z...  You haven't been to a Buckstein show if you haven't seen a dude in a cowboy hat rock "Bust a Move" by Young MC.  That dude is me - Buckstein.  This is the part where they tell me I need to say something to promote myself (... I hate that).  Here's what some other guy said about me once: "He's a 6 foot 4, bass-baritone powerhouse that once hit the Top 40 and 200 Million television sets on American Idol."  Ha.  Good times.  Good memories.  But that's over and now I'm here, having the time of my life with my buddies.  I'm referring , of course, to my band of brothers and sisters that consists of blazing lead guitar player, Brett Walston.  Sweet soundin' singer and fiddle player, Jennifer Scott.  Stone-cold master drummer, Mike Rice.  Rhythm 'n' steel rocker, Mark Mauldin.  Sub-bustin' groove master, Dave Johnson.  And the gal who keeps it all together for us - our Manager and friend, Melissa Berg.  Together we create something electric.  Something that grabs you and makes you look up.  At least I think so.  Maybe it's because we believe in everything we're playing.  Maybe it's because we never just "go through the motions".  Maybe it's because we care more about the crowd having a good time dancing, singing and laughing then we do about a paycheck.  Maybe it's because we just do it right AND... we love doing it.  I think the fans can tell.  Yeah... maybe that's it.  Maybe that's why some people don't like country music and yet... they like Buckstein.

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